Ultimate Luggage Registry Guide

How to Register For Luggage.png

Registering for your wedding gifts is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. Obviously, my favorite things to register for was our luggage. I researched the heck out of every single item that we put on our registry, especially our luggage, but I found that retailers market luggage in such a confusing way. And I don’t want any of my incredible clients buying into the madness!

The way luggage companies and retailers set it up, one might think you should register for a three piece set of luggage. No ma’am.

It’s such a silly idea to me that I don’t even want to waste time explaining why you shouldn’t.

Ohhhh, but I’m going to any way. Let’s say you and your husband are taking a trip to Europe for two weeks and you’re each allowed to check a bag. If you registered for a three piece luggage set, one of you would get the big suitcase, one of you would get a medium suit case (not it), and only one of you would have a rolling carry-on so you’d have to buy an additional rolling carry-on. Womp womp.

My formula for registering for luggage is quite simple. And if you’re not getting married, this is all the luggage you need, so sell or donate anything else you have.

  • 2 Large Rolling Suitcases

  • 2 Rolling Carry-Ons

  • 2 Backpacks

Following my formula, there will be no honeymoon arguments over who gets the bigger suitcase because you have the same size. And, come one, this just makes sense!

There are also some luggage accessories that I make traveling more simple and organized. You don’t necessarily need these things, but you won’t regret having them!

  • Packing Cubes

  • Dopp Bag (as my very refined husband calls them)

  • Luggage Tags

  • TSA Approved Locks

  • Zipper Pouches

Now you’re in the mood to go luggage shopping, right?

Lauren Davis