You Don't Need a Travel Agent

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It’s very true. You don’t need a travel agent to book a vacation. A quick google search will point you in the direction of most travel elements you might need to book a trip - flights, hotels, car rentals, the goods. You don’t need a travel agent to book a vacation, but booking your vacations and adventures with a travel agent will take your experiences ten levels higher than a google search ever could. Here’s how…

Expert Consultation

If you’re anything like me, pretty much everywhere is on your travel wish-list. Deciding where to go can be a challenge, especially when you and your love have different desires. As a travel agent, I will help you determine the absolute best destination for your next trip - no arguments necessary! Honestly, this consultation period is one of my favorite parts of the whole experience!

Comprehensive Research

My dream of owning a travel agency was sparked when I caught myself planning pretend trips with a glass of wine every Friday night. I absolutely love pouring myself into research on my client’s dream destinations. If destination research is daunting to you, then we would make a great team. June Twenty Travel clients eat at the best restaurants, see the most incredible sights, and stay in the dreamiest hotels because of the extensive research I conduct for every element of the trip.  

Simple Booking

Booking travel is so exciting, and also very important to do correctly! As a travel agent, I am very familiar with booking all elements of travel (hotels, flights, transfers, cruises, excursions, trains, etc) and the specifications that go along with each one. My clients are stress-free when locking in a trip because I handle all of the bookings. Not only do I make sure all of the bookings are done correctly, I ensure that each and every element incorporates seamlessly. No unrealistic layovers here, friends!

Luxury Amenities

Let me call it like it is… you just get better stuff when you book with me. Because of my business relationships, I am often able to secure upgraded amenities for my clients. Sometimes you get exactly what you book, but I do everything I can to provide my clients with upgrades of every kind. Nothing but the best for June Twenty Travelers!

Organized Preparation

Monica Geller and me are kindred spirits. If you don’t know who Monica Geller is, go watch Friends on Netflix immediately! The point is, organization is one of my strongest suits. My clients are always well prepared for their travels thanks to a personalized app that holds their itinerary, confirmation numbers, and important documents. I also provide all travel documents in paper format and guidance on packing, preparing to be away from everyday life, and reentry into the real world.

Superior Service

Above all else, I provide my clients with superior service that online booking engines simply can’t. I founded June Twenty Travel because I care about helping people travel well. I really believe that traveling together is the best investment you can make in your marriage and it is my honor to provide a travel planning experience that exceeds your wildest expectations. And while we do everything we can to make your travels perfect, if something does go wrong we are here to help! Rebooking your missed connection is my greatest mission in life!

So, it seems pretty obvious - hire me to design and book your next vacation or adventure!

If you love, love, love researching and booking your trips than we might not be a good fit for each other, and that’s totally okay. And if you’re pining for the best deal instead of the best experience, I might not be the travel agent for you - also totally okay!

Only the two of you know what’s best for the two of you, but I really hope that means we’re going to work together. You can get started here.

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