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My name is Lauren and I am a custom travel designer for the ones in love.

I founded June Twenty Travel because I want to help you invest in your marriage with memories, not memorabilia. I do this by designing intentional vacations and adventures completely tailored to your likes and loves.

Are you wondering what the Twentieth of June has to do with your honeymoon? I can explain.

I tend to shy away from trends and cliches, but I did always want to be a June bride. When we were planning our wedding there were only two weekends in June that would work and one of them happened to be June 20th, 2015. My sweet mama whispered these words… “Oh, the Twentieth of June. That just sounds pretty.”

DONE. I immediately called my now-husband, Jordan, and sweetly informed him that I must get married on the Twentieth of June.

No matter what year it is, June Twentieth is a day that we set aside to celebrate our marriage and bask in the memories of our wedding day. And I can’t remember our wedding without letting my mind wander to our honeymoon, which - to be honest - was the best seven days of my life.

When something is that good, you can’t do it just one time. That’s exactly why we’re throwing up peace signs in tradition's face and committing to that #AnnualHoneymoon life. So as you can see, naming my business June Twenty Travel was a no-brainer.

Whether you’re planning your first or tenth #AnnualHoneymoon, I don’t want you wasting your hard earned dollars on ordinary trips. I think you’d agree that your love is deserving of something extraordinary.

Thanks to organization skills that rival my BFF Monica Gellar’s and a passion for research that perfectly explains my library obsession, you can rest assured that I will plan a trip that satisfies all of your likes and loves.

Let’s trade your cheesy cards for passport stamps. Sound good?


And by me, I mostly mean my Golden Retriever Lincoln ;)